Happy New Year 2014!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

“Happy New Year 2014!” Post on “The Wind of Inspiration” Personal Style Blog #inspiration #personalstyle #photography #selfportrait #whotofollow #newyear

The very first post this year… Hello 2014!!!

Cheers to new beginnings, growth and challenges, friendships, travels, positive energy and lots of love!
And dear new year, please behave yourself! I’ve got lots of plans and ideas, we have to have a blast!

How did you celebrate the New Year’s Eve? Have you made any New Year's resolutions?

I certainly have, and here are some of my mine:

1 :: To post on the blog more often, as often as possible. And not only outfit posts…
Even though I’m not blogging consistently on a regular schedule, I still get new followers regularly as well as my old readers are still with me. That means the world to me! So I know you want more, I truly appreciate that and I promise to deliver!

“Happy New Year 2014!” Post on “The Wind of Inspiration” Personal Style Blog #inspiration #personalstyle #photography #selfportrait #whotofollow #newyear

2 :: To significantly improve my photography, and shoot as much as I can.
Photography is like a drug for me, I just have to shoot. If I don’t for a long time, I literally feel the itch in my fingers and can’t think about anything else but photography related stuff. By the way, if you’re ever in New York or better live here, let’s shoot! I mean it, I have lots of creative ideas we both would benefit from. Drop me a line, don’t be shy! :)

“Happy New Year 2014!” Post on “The Wind of Inspiration” Personal Style Blog #inspiration #personalstyle #photography #selfportrait #whotofollow #newyear

3 :: To explore New York further and get to know it even better.
Usually it’s my pre-summer’s resolution to discover and rediscover the wonderful city I’m lucky to live in, find new interesting places and revisit my favorite ones, but not this time. This year I want to just roam around New York no matter what the season or weather is. Would you be interested in exploring the city that never sleeps with me? :)

“Happy New Year 2014!” Post on “The Wind of Inspiration” Personal Style Blog #inspiration #personalstyle #photography #selfportrait #whotofollow #newyear

4 :: To travel more, doesn’t matter if it’s across the country or abroad, a long trip or just a weekend escape to a neighboring state.
I’m eager to visit new places, see new faces, experience new emotions and enjoy life outside my apartment. More and more often when I buy a new wardrobe item I can’t stop asking myself why do I do that, why shoes or clothes but not an airplane ticket. I already have a lot, I don’t have enough space to store everything I own, but I definitely don’t travel enough. For me, clothes itself doesn’t mean much, I don’t like meaningless dressing up, I enjoy outfits in the context of particular situations. I love to create the atmosphere with an outfit’s help, to correct or support my mood by wearing appropriate for the occasion clothes and shoes. And isn’t traveling the perfect opportunity to express your creativity and have fun with your style, is it?

“Happy New Year 2014!” Post on “The Wind of Inspiration” Personal Style Blog #inspiration #personalstyle #photography #selfportrait #whotofollow #newyear

5 :: To overcome my fears and get a driver’s license.
I don’t drive and never have. I was always very afraid of it. Even thinking of tremendous responsibility of operating such a potentially dangerous, for myself as well as for others, machine makes me nervous. So I’ve never tried to learn to drive and get a driver’s license. However, recently something went “wrong” in my mind and now I feel like I have to overcome my fear and get it. I feel like I’m lacking something important, like I’m limiting myself by not being able to drive and that someday there will be a life and death situation when this skill will be the only chance to survive… So please wish me luck! :)

These are some of my goals for the upcoming year. What are yours? I would love to hear!

“Happy New Year 2014!” Post on “The Wind of Inspiration” Personal Style Blog #inspiration #personalstyle #photography #selfportrait #whotofollow #newyear

On another note, not only my mother complains pretty often that I wear sunglasses in almost every of my outfit post, but also some of you asked how many sunglasses I own and if I wear them that frequently in real life as it’s shown here on the blog. The answers are: “a lot”, I have quite a decent collection of sunglasses and I always want more, and “yes”, I do wear them nearly every day, it’s New York, it’s almost always sunny, sometimes even when it rains. Nevertheless, I heard you all...

Keeping that in mind and also considering an idea to start a new year with something new and very different from the regular content of this blog (I usually don't write such personal posts as well, but why not to get to know each other a little bit better?), I want to share with you today a set of portraits of myself, without sunglasses and wearing almost no makeup (not that I usually wear a heavy one).

Hope you like it! Especially considering that these are self-portraits... This is what happens when a girl with a camera has some free time. :) Remember the second resolution?
Please contact me if you’d like to collaborate on a photo shoot!


Thank you so much for reading and commenting, for all the love and support that never go unnoticed! And please share if you enjoy the post! xo, Victoria

  1. You look stunning!
    I hope you accomplish all of your resolutions :)

  2. You look so beautiful! Desire you a happy new year!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you.


  3. Hello Victoria, please post more often about photography.
    I would love that kind of blog post.

    Regards from Ecuador.